Who We Are

Since 2013, we've provided niche enterprise technology services whilst we self-fund innovative new products. We've learned much about creating digital/SAAS products, startup life, and how to serve big Australian companies and governments. We now share our expertise in digital product management and development, advanced portals and digital experiences (3D/AR/VR), data integration and big data / data lakes.

In 2014 we won runner up "Most Innovative" HANA solution at SAP's SAPPHIRE event in Orlando.

Revenue centric products

'Going digital' includes creating digital revenue streams from existing traditional products, or new cloud native SAAS products. Our customer focussed, revenue centric, data driven paradigm will help achieve success with customers, revenue creation, and product transparency.

Access data from anywhere

We help capture, integrate, and give easy access to data. A foundational goal is to excel in data integration, large scale data storage, and real time data processing. In an increasingly data driven world, we help reign in big data, store it, and delivering meaningful data to people and processes, in real time.

Skilled People

We're a creative team of designers and technologists. We develop teams and talented individuals that design and deliver high quality products and solutions.


Successful digital products combine business, marketing, creative, technical, and project skills.
These skills form the basis of our services, outlined below.

We can be engaged to create products, or, to deliver niche technical services.

Product Services

Product Management Strategy

This service establishes a product business model and operational product management framework. It includes business design, lean design, scaled agile, devops, and transparent support and improvement processes. Our 'Ark' product helps streamline this.

Product Design & Build

This service helps design and build a digital product. It extends traditional software projects with more emphasis on customer design, validation, UX and quality, as well as differentiating features, roadmaps, and agility to quickly change scope based shifting customer needs. Thrive or die is the motto.

Operate & Analyse

Our operate and analyse managed service provides you with deep insight into how your investment into a product is returning value. This includes user behaviour, popular features, buggy features, areas not to invest further in, and more.

Design & Delivery (Project Services)

Architecture & Enablement

This service enables the necessary methods, funding, tools, etc to minimise project disruption, technical complexity and optimisations of devops processes.

Project Delivery

Delivery services include product management and technical delivery management, based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Manage & Improve

This service establishes an ongoing operation to manage your asset, improve it, and ensure value delivery and return on investment (requires value baselining).

Experience & UI Design

UX & UI Design

Our design process starts with customer and works backwards. We learn user pain and desires, and use that to drive much of our software design and development processes.

Web Apps & Portals

We create seamless user experiences with applications, data, and processes spread across multiple systems and locations. Enterprise or customer focussed, our portals are powered by business process technology and smart integration design.

Data Visualisation

We help visualise your business processes, data flows, and visualise complex data using modern HTML5 graphics frameworks (canvas or svg). These include D3 or 3JS.

Data & Integration

Application Integration

Using Mulesoft, Talend, Spring Boot, TibcoBW, or ServiceMix, we implement proven integration patterns to make data flow. This includes layered SOA, service orchestration, microservices and API Gateways using Single sign-on.

Cloud Storage & Data Lakes

We help with the storage, processing, and delivery of vast amounts of diverse data using big data technologies. These include Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J and Amazon Web Services. Integration between cloud, on-premise and other SAAS solutions is also offered.

ETL & Migration

We provide ETL (extract, transform, load) services based on Talend and AWS platforms. This includes data migration, micro batching, and large scale data integration.

Implodata Managed Service

We've created a re-usable methodology to simplify and expedite data integration a low risk, affordable way. We provide turnkey setup for integration infrastructure using patterns and templates. A project then builds the integrations which a managed service then maintains and supports.

Companies we've helped

Our specialists have solved integration challenges in the following public and private organisations